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Discover Your Love Archetype

Find out about the way Love wishes to express through you. 

Activate your love “superpowers” and passionate proclivities.

Discover your gifts, keys and codes that make you unique.

Fall in love with your life!

My mission is to support you in Embodying your

divine Essence to lead with love

Enjoy this short video about Embodying Divine Archetypes.

Hi, I’m Eden.

I am here as your Awakening Mentor and Ecstatic Soul Embodiment Guide.

As an Ordained Priestess and spiritual teacher it is my greatest joy to support your awakening journey. Join me on an ascension path that brings you back into the center of your sacred heart’s remembrance as you as you embody the beauty and power of your soul essence.

 I speak truth with unconditional love and hold a clear, compassionate mirror of presence to support people who are devoted to their spiritual growth and ready to BREAK FREE from the conditioning that has kept them feeling small, stuck and disempowered.

I help you change your life from the inside out so that you can embody who you truly are meant to be and create a legacy of empowered love.

Do you feel the pain of not living a life of heart-centered alignment and walking in your truth and freedom?


Have you felt alone on your awakening journey?


You are not meant to remain closed with your potential locked inside you.


Are you ready to transmute shame and unlock your inhibitions to rise into your shining?

Begin Your Journey With Me

Are you ready to step into the center stage of your own life as the soul star you are?

  • Find your true voice and reclaim your passion and your power?

  •  Live life fully expressed, confident and free.

  •  Experience the love you’ve always wanted to receive.

  •  Ignite the courageous fire in your sacred heart and blaze brighter.

  •  Fall wildly in love with yourself.

  •  Feel fully expressed in your radiant wholeness.

  •  Shine confidently and unapologetically in all areas of your life.

  •  Bring your gifts to this world.

Once you realize you already are love and begin embodying it, everything in your life will transform. You become magnetic, powerful, creative, abundant and free.

I’m here to help you ignite the fire in your sacred heart and blaze brighter.

Find out how to begin your journey with me.

Ways to Work With Me

Mysterium Priestess Training

A Year-Long 13 Moon Initiation Circle Online, Beginning Fall 2023

This Mystery School training will take you on a journey out of the mundane and the limitations of your mind into the miraculous, mythic, and magic of your soul’s initiation. If you are resonating in the depths of your heart and know you are called, I invite you to honor that resonance and join us.

13 Moon Initiation Circle

Year-long Priestess Training for Women (In-Person + Online)

Come join a rare and potent opportunity to embody the Divine Feminine archetypes of the 13 moon mystery school in this year long sacred circle of sisterhood and powerful priestess training. This circle of sacred mirrors can hold you in both your shadow and light in a deeply restorative, unconditionally loving, and fiercely empowering way as you transmute core shadow patterns into a liberating new octave of your life. 

Private Spiritual Mentorship

Reclaim your femininity and vitality with 1:1 Sacred Feminine Guidance

Come home to your heart, reconnect with your essence and learn how to move from your truth in all areas of your life with me. In a safe and sacred portal of transformation, you will begin to experience a restoration of self-worth, self-acceptance, and self-love along with a sense of sovereignty and empowerment as a deeply embodied experience.

Awakening the Sacred Masculine Within: Soulful Initiations and Archetypal Guidance For Men

Sacred Masculine Initiations

Come experience authentic empowerment as I witness and support you on a profound inner journey back to your true and noble self. It is my honor to guide and hold you in an unconditionally loving, compassionate, and highly transformational container where you will come to experience a sense of true sovereignty and find balance in the most important areas of your life. 

Balancing Your Feminine and Masculine Polarities

13 Week Self Study Journey to balance your Feminine and Masculine Polarities

Divine Union begins within as you heal your relationships and the wounds of separation within this powerful temple like training. 

I am devoted to mirror the love you inherently are so that you begin fully expressing your creativity, sensuality, desires, and love your life… with deep self-honoring.

I am devoted to mirror the love you inherently are so that you begin fully expressing your creativity, sensuality, desires, and love your life… with deep self-honoring.

You don’t have to do it all alone

Come be witnessed in a new story of radiant self-honor. 

Release your shame and awaken your creative power.

You don’t have to do it all alone

Come be witnessed in a new story of radiant self-honor. 

Release your shame and awaken your creative power.

Videos to Deepen Your Embodiment Journey

Walking The Priestess Path

Sacred Boundaries

Opening Your Throat Chakra

Praise for Eden

"Eden embodies a rare and powerful unconditional love, which alone is transformative."

Afterward I felt a deeper connection to my self love, and saw immediate results in areas I had been drastically blocked around prior. I feel everyone could benefit from this medicine. Thank you Eden for your love, your purity and your mastery.

 Naia Leigh

"God bless Eden for being a light bearer and for bringing the face of the Goddess here and now."

In an uncertain, chaotic world…where it’s difficult to digest the events of the planet, Eden’s presence is like a breath of fresh air! She is so inspiring.

Windy Cook

"Eden has crafted a program that is the perfect container for powerful alchemical work."

 I was able to heal in so many ways while being supported by a beautiful supportive community of sisters. I have truly found my voice and reclaimed my passions and power through this magical time. 


Eden goes the distance with you. She is deeply intuitive and fearlessly takes you to the heart of the work to be done.

My newfound ability to hold my center and not collapse in the face of challenge has allowed me to step into my own power and essence – something I’d not been able to do before with any consistency. I’m far better able to hear and trust my heart knowing.



Begin your empowering journey of transformation.

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you to recognize and remember who you truly are. There are several ways to work with me. Apply for your illumination call here so we can discover together what level of engagement is best for you.

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©2023 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved

©2023 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved