In the modern world, the call to become an ordained priestess resonates deeply with women who are longing for a direct relationship with the sacred feminine and to step onto an empowered path of service in the world. For those drawn to the mysteries of the divine feminine, the 13 Moon Mystery School offers a transformative journey of spiritual growth and awakening.

As a Mystery School teacher and embodiment guide, Eden Amadora invites you onto a path that aligns with ancient traditions while embracing the cycles and harmonics of contemporary life. Here, we explore what it means to become an ordained priestess, the essence of a priestess, the principles of the 13 Moon Mystery School, and its unique approach to spirituality.

The Ordination Path: A Journey of Transformation

Becoming an ordained priestess through the 13 Moon Mystery School is a deeply personal journey, one that is both structured and fluid, adapting to the spiritual initiation and focus of each individual. Prospective priestesses embark on this path by completing at least two full 13 moon priestess training circles. The first cycle serves as an initiation, where individuals immerse themselves in the teachings and practices of the school. They then proceed as apprentices in the second cycle, deepening their experience and understanding.

After successfully completing these initial stages, the culmination of this journey is marked by a private ordination ceremony in the third year. This ceremony is not merely a formal conclusion, but a powerful portal of transmutation and alchemy. It is a sacred rite of passage, involving close guidance and private sessions with Eden Amadora or a senior priestess. The ceremony signifies readiness for profound change, aligning the individual with their spiritual essence and purpose.

Who is a Priestess?

According to Eden Amadora, a priestess is dedicated to awakening the heart and soul of humanity. Historically, priestesses were the primary administrators of spiritual practices in temples dedicated to the goddess. Today, while the roles may have shifted, the essence remains the same. A priestess acts as a wayshower, a bearer of love and compassion, dedicated to fostering harmony and peace on Earth.

Operating on both a soul and physical level, priestesses hold space for others with unconditional love, witnessing their journeys and speaking truths with love. They are custodians of spiritual wisdom, guiding others through their connection to the divine and the natural world.

The 13 Moon Mystery School: Honoring Natural Cycles

The 13 Moon Mystery School is a sacred space that honors the natural harmonics and cycles of life, particularly the 13 full moon phases within a year. With roots in ancient Mayan wisdom, the school was founded by Ariel Spilsbury, who is devoted to spreading awareness of the divine feminine and natural cycles. Ariel’s work is carried forward by senior priestesses like Eden Amadora, who continue to initiate and mentor others in this lineage.

The school places a strong emphasis on the divine feminine mysteries, recognizing and celebrating the interconnectedness of all life. It is a journey into inner knowing and remembrance, embodying the archetypes of the divine feminine and facilitating profound soul growth and awakening. For those interested in learning more, Eden Amadora directs listeners and prospective initiates to explore further through provided links.

Spirituality through the Eyes of a Priestess

At the 13 Moon Mystery School, spirituality is viewed as an inclusive and transformative force. It is a spirituality that connects deeply to the goddess within and acknowledges the goddess in all things. Embracing unity consciousness, it fosters a profound sense of interconnectedness and oneness.

Priestesses within this school view each being as a unique and beautiful soul, recognizing a deep connection to Mother Earth and all her creations. This approach to spirituality is inherently loving and inclusive, aiming to transform and uplift the world through unity and compassion.

Understanding a Mystery School

Mystery schools have ancient origins, with historical examples in places such as Atlantis, Egypt, and Sumeria. These schools were sanctuaries of spiritual learning, where initiates would tap into their inner knowing and undergo profound spiritual transformations. The 13 Moon Mystery School, while contemporary, honors this ancient tradition by integrating teachings from various lineages and cultures.

It is a place where students can explore and embody the archetypes of the divine feminine, aligning with their soul’s purpose and unlocking deeper layers of self-awareness. Through this journey, they not only grow spiritually but also contribute to the awakening of collective consciousness.


The path to becoming an ordained priestess through the 13 Moon Mystery School, as guided by Eden Amadora, is a sacred and transformative journey. It is one that honors ancient wisdom and natural cycles, fostering deep spiritual growth and awakening. For those hearing the call, it is an invitation to step into a role of love, compassion, and divine purpose, helping to awaken the heart of humanity and bring harmony to our world.