Beautiful Soul, Welcome!

My name is Eden and I am a speaker, coach, mentor and spiritual guide devoted to providing the clear mirroring for you to see the truth of how powerful, beautiful and divine you are. 

My greatest service to your journey of awakening and deep embodiment is in compassionately helping you recognize and pull away the veils of conditioning and old hurtful imprinting that have covered over your precious heart and held you back from your empowered, intuitive and sovereign self-expression. 

By fully embodying and bringing forward the love and the unique gifts that reside inside of you, you begin to move through this world from a place of balanced wholeness, confidently trusting your own innate wisdom and rising into your soul aligned purpose. 

As a ceremonial facilitator, transformational guide and creativity catalyst, I feel like I have the best job on Earth! I receive so much joy in witnessing you fully blossom, remember the truth of who you are, and bring your dreams into fruition as you radiate the true self-honor you’ve been destined to share when your inner light gets turned all the way on. 

I believe there is great power in sharing our journeys, our own personal hero/ine’s stories. In doing so we catalyze, empower, inspire and uplift one another, and help each other heal. 

For this reason I share my story with you here: the shadow and the light, the agony and the ecstasy, the breakdowns and the breakthroughs. May it serve and support you on your path of coming home to the exquisite beauty, wisdom and Grace that lays within you.

My first memories are of being the only child living with my parents on a farm with an artistic, young hippie community in Northern California, where rock and roll, and talk about herbal medicine, earth-based spirituality, and gurus were commonly overheard.

My mother introduced me to Eastern mysticism and yoga as a young teen and I found myself devouring books on Taoism, Buddhism, and Chakras. I started doing Hatha yoga at around thirteen years old and began meditating regularly by seventeen when I left home.  

I also loved fashion and boys and make-up. I imagined being a model, a rock star, or a movie star and I spent hours posing in the bathroom mirror.

At 15, I was scouted by an agent from one of the world’s leading model & talent agencies: ‘Wilhelmina Models’. 

At 17 my modeling career took off and I began flying around the world for photo shoots, to locations including London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Capetown, Sydney and many others. 

I was featured in countless magazines and runway shows and by my 20s I was earning a high six figure income as an international model. I met and fell in love with an Italian millionaire from one of Italy’s wealthiest families and we opened a contemporary art gallery together in Milan. He treated me with first class flights, five star hotels, exotic vacations, designer clothes, expensive jewelry, champagne, caviar and roses. 


We were married and had a beautiful daughter, but there was a shadow side to our relationship that began revealing itself evermore clearly over time, that included addiction, infidelity and a lot of heartache. 

Eventually it became increasingly apparent that the partnership was not healthy or in alignment with the direction my soul was guiding me in. I summoned the courage to leave the relationship and channeled my pain into music, manifesting a record deal from the angstful break up songs I wrote.


What happened next was beyond anything I could have ever possibly imagined.

I returned to the US and had a powerful ‘breakdown to breakthrough’ experience. As my heart was cracking open due to my impending divorce, I attended a personal development event that stretched and opened me in ways I hadn’t experienced before. My soul’s guidance started coming through in an unmutable way, and my body’s natural DMT ( a neurotransmitter often referred to as ‘The Spirit Molecule’) catalyzed a profound spiritual awakening experience as my visionary abilities and oracular gifts started rapidly coming online.

My consciousness had opened into non-dual awareness and I felt more of a feeling of oneness than I ever had before. For 4 days straight, all I could focus on was fully absorbing and being present with this expanded visionary state that felt more like Truth than anything I had ever experienced. I stopped eating, drinking and sleeping altogether, which further stimulated this self-directed shamanic ‘vision quest’ experience. 

The visions and the higher guidance were so clear and, I was not interested whatsoever in old identity constructs, possessions, or engaging in dialogue on mundane or day-to-day topics. (Think Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru sans Shaman and sans Ayahuasca)

Although some of the friends around me understood what was going on, my family members became concerned for my well-being and ultimately I was sent to a hospital, and sadly, given medication that possibly truncated what I now understand to have been a kundalini awakening.

In the months that followed, as I integrated this spiritual awakening, I dedicated myself to my daily yoga practice, spent much of my time in nature, and ate the same simple, grounding foods each day, to stabilize from this expansive experience. 

In this transition phase, I lost everything that had once mattered to me: my modeling career, the record deal, the jet-set, abundant, glamour-filled lifestyle…

Instead I chose to immerse myself back into yoga and meditation. I also connected with a Native American Earth-Based Spirituality lineage that supported me through the alchemical process I was undergoing: a rebirth into a new chapter that was in deeper alignment with my values and my soul. 

Over the next few years, as I grounded into this new phase of my journey,  I was hired to model for the cover of Yoga Journal and for several more holistically oriented modeling jobs as well. 


One common thread that wove throughout my journey was my love for music as a form of soulful self-expression. Eventually I found my voice in a new way, a way that was a source of inspiration and upliftment to others, as I recorded an album called “Floodlight” and another called “Allies and Angels”.

It was at a live performance for my new album that I met a Priestess from the 13 Moon Mystery School who approached me after the show and enthusiastically acknowledged me for my gift in transmitting Divine Feminine energy through song, and asked me about my path as a Priestess.

Priestess Path? I was deeply honored by her acknowledgement and seeing of me, and intrigued to know more… 

She introduced me to my beloved mentor, Ariel Spilsbury, and within the next several months, so much began to become clear about my path, my dharma and my service in the world, and why I had undergone so many intense alchemical initiations to prepare me for this phase of my work in the world.

Over the years that followed, as I deepened in my healing arts training, I started to hold ceremonial circles and became an ordained Priestess, meditation teacher, intuitive counselor and spiritual guide for others. 

My deepest honor now is to be a catalyst that supports others in the remembrance of their authentic voices and fully embodied expression.

While our journeys may have been different, I know what it feels like to: 

  • struggle with addiction
  • have challenges around self-doubt, self-worth and purpose
  • have issues around competition and comparison 
  • fail, hit bottoms and feel stuck 
  • break up with someone I loved due to dysfunctional and co-dependent dynamics
  • experience massive creative breakthroughs and then struggle with follow through and procrastination
  • have my spiritual and oracular gifts be completely misunderstood and misdiagnosed
  • be paralyzed by fear of judgement for being too weird, mystical or witchy

But on the other side of these challenges, I also found out what it feels like to:

  • Be invited to speak on countless top holistic wellness & spiritual podcasts and radio shows
  • Lead tens of thousands of people on guided meditation journeys to support their healing and self-empowerment 
  • Be featured on 2 covers of Yoga Journal and in many other magazines
  • Have a song I created be chosen by the UN for their international ‘Day Of Peace’ event 
  • Co-author 3 books with well-known thought leaders and luminaries
  • Record hundreds of songs that have inspired thousands of women around the world on their journey of awakening the Divine Feminine within 
  • Be a featured teacher and facilitator at prestigious venues that I once only dreamed about taking workshops at, such as Esalen, Rancho de la Puerta, and the Institute for Noetic Science. 
  • Create a thriving, location-independent business that is in full alignment with my values and belief

For many years my deepest prayer has been to be an instrument of service to the great awakening on Earth.

I am here to help infuse the wisdom of Sacred Feminine principles into the greater collective in a way that bridges and speaks to a universal desire within us to feel a deeper and more harmonious connection with ourselves, with others and with Spirit.

It is such a privilege and joy to witness the life-changing transformations that occur in ceremonial space, through working with various archetypes of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, sound healing, embodiment practices, intuitive guidance and shadow work.

Clients and students who have worked with me share reflections that it feels like they are stepping into a new world of embodied wholeness, self-sovereignty and co-creation with all of life.

I would love to support you on your journey to return to the center of your own true beauty, to fully embrace yourself as nothing less than a unique and precious embodiment of the Divine. I am honored to help you step into the fullest expression of your heart essence and soul wisdom, at a time when the world so deeply needs it.

I offer a profoundly safe and sacred space as a guide on this journey of awakening through the ‘Sun Heart Initiations’, the ‘13 Moon Priestess Initiation Circles’, retreats and private and group mentoring for both women and men on the path of stepping into deepened self-awareness, integrated personal alignment and embodying their fullest potential.

If you’d like to fill out an application form to explore the possibility of working together, please click the link here.

In love, devotion and service,