Discover Your Core Love Style

Discover Your Core Love Style

Discover your core love style and come activate your love “superpowers,” light qualities and passionate proclivities with this quiz. Discover your gifts, keys and codes that make you unique and help you fall even more in love with your life. 

Once you discover your core love style, you will find out your Beloved Archetype. This is not only about romance and intimate matters. This is about how you move through the world as a lover in all areas of your life. 

  • How do you bring love to your life in the most fully expressed way?
  • How do you show up in intimate, sensual connection?
  • How do you navigate friendships and community alliances with your heart first?
  • How do you communicate love through your work and sacred purpose?

“And did you get what
you wanted from this life, even so?
I did.
And what did you want?
To call myself beloved, to feel myself
beloved on the earth.”

Raymond Carver

Each Beloved Archetype has Unique gifts, light qualities and superpowers. You will find out about the Extra sensory abilities and the chakras you are most activated in, and your adept sensual proclivities. 

In this Quiz, you will also find out about the primary shadow qualities, blocks and patterns that may subconsciously be sabotaging your relationships, and preventing you from fully expressing your Loving Essence.

The answer to your Beloved Archetype may surprise you. It may call you deeper into the heart or assist you in bringing balance and harmony to your life.

This is a valuable deep dive into your Core Love Style and the Archetypes that reflect it. I’ve developed this quiz from my 13 years of Mystery School training and teaching, and countless hands-on Archetypal Initiations.

Ultimately this is a key from my heart to yours to support you to awaken the “Beloved Within.”

©2023 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved

©2023 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved