Embody HER

Journey into the depths of your divine feminine essence and remember who you truly are.


Join us on an 8-week immersive journey

Come reclaim the deepest, wildest and most authentic expression of what it means to be you.

Embody HER is a sacred mentorship program for women who are ready to rewrite their story from within and embrace a new narrative full of boldness and magic, rooted in self-honor.

Your Body Is A Loving Temple. It’s Time To Reclaim It.

The Divine Feminine principle is asking us to take the descent into our own being, to meet ourselves, again and again, and transmute our own shadows with the piercing truth of unconditional love.

She is asking us to boldly rise into our authenticity, not to become someone else, but to remember ourselves, to return to who we truly are.

Do you long to know your feminine heart and live from this place of deep magic?

Are you ready to surrender to a deeper divine guidance?

Sister, you know something needs to change. It’s time to move from the struggle you have been caught in. Even if others might not be aware of it from the outside, you know this place well.

You can feel it deep inside your body.
It may be a constant whisper, or it may be a crescendoing scream…

Outwardly your life might look like you are thriving, yet inwardly you are crying.

Perhaps you have a measure of worldly success and yet, there is still something inside missing.

As women, we are exhausted trying to live within the false dream that we have been sold, an old paradigm that has conditioned us to push, strive, hold back, compete and compare ourselves to others to the point where we have compromised our innate feminine essence.

So many of us have been giving our power away and have lost our connection to our own voice and creative joy.

Beloved, We See You.

We can feel your heart craving a freedom that can only come from true alignment with your soul’s path.

There is an unraveling happening in us all. You are not alone. There is another way.

You are being called to walk like a lion and rise like a dove. To step into your mythic life…

Embody Her Love.

Love, Wisdom, Power, Magic, Wildness and Peace

We have all heard by now that the Divine Feminine is Rising… but does she still feel like a concept held somewhere outside of you… like pretty words thrown around that don’t seem to apply to you?

We are here Sister, to awaken a deep embodied remembrance within you and support you to recognize that the Goddess is not outside of you… you are HER.

Embody Her is a journey through 6 powerful Divine Feminine Archetypal Gateways, that support you to have a direct embodied experience of Her frequency.

This is a journey of unveiling, an initiatory journey which means…

Each gateway will bring you deeper into the alchemy to transmute the lower frequencies we have been conditioned by, breaking the spells, shattering the illusions we have collectively held around our feminine embodiment and what it means to walk in Love, Wisdom, Power, Magic, Wildness and Peace.

To Embody HER is to be a radical spiritual activist… a lamp lifter, a catalyzer of change… a holy rebel against the system of disconnection and separation from the natural world and the heart of our humanity.

You are being invited to step into the highest frequency and embodied truth of your essence as a woman.

This is your own heroine’s journey, your own mythic story, where you get to rewrite your story from within.

Beloved, How would it feel to…….

  • Love full out without holding back
  • Express the song of your heart without fear
  • Stand in the center of your choices, head held high
  • Listen to the quiet whisper of your intuition and trust it without fail
  • Love your body shamelessly
  • Experience your pleasure and aliveness wholeheartedly
  • Watch your life unfold with synchronicities and grace
  • Lean into the deepest magnetism that draws beings and opportunities to you
  • Trust your unique expression and creativity in the world

This is what it feels like to truly be living your most mythic life.

There is a way back to alignment and the reclamation of your unbridled power.

This is the journey Embody Her will take you on.

Sister, how many of these do you relate to?

  • You’ve created a life for yourself that from the outside looks very successful, yet on the inside you are secretly suffering
  • You sometimes feel a slave to your work, career, motherhood, almost like you are stuck on a hamster wheel that you can’t get off
  • You find yourself over giving, over working, constantly over extending yourself
  • Your body is talking loudly to you, saying something needs to change, but you are not sure what or how
  • You have a loud inner critic who is constantly judging you or others
  • You have a lot of guilt or shame around your body and what you look like and you don’t feel at home in your body
  • You compare yourself to others, or feel drained and sucked of energy after scrolling instagram, believing that your life is not enough
  • Self care and self nurturance seems to have slipped by the wayside

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you are ripe for this archetypal initiation.

Are you ready to stand in the center of your choices without apology?

We can see the old paradigm crumbling around us. The entire world is going through an initiation process right now. Humanity is going through a rite of passage, and none of us are outside of this. We are being squeezed through a portal.

We are in the alchemical fires of transmutation.

The era of “Power over” is being burned. The Power of Love is rising and being called forth with a clarion call from our souls.

We stand here, together, at this immense time on planet earth where the darkest shadows of humanity are being brought to the light. And we chose to be here now because…

We are the web weavers, the creatrixes, the conscious dreamers, the alchemists, the cosmic dancers, the visionaries, the healers, the wise women, the lovers, the birthers, the changemakers…

And the new story is being written through us.

Humanity must return to the heart and we are the wayshowers.

The way through is within…
We are being called to EMBODY HER.

Who is SHE?

She is the intelligence of nature, of life, the great birther of us all who flows through your body.

She flows through your womb, your pussy, your breasts, your heart, your voice, your song, your desire, your intuition,

She has many faces. She is both light and dark.

She holds you in her tender loving embrace as you surrender and receive the love that flows like a wellspring from your own heart, igniting you from within, sparking a flame of fulfillment of your deepest desires.

She reveals herself as the wrathful Goddess Kali who destroys all that is unreal and false, the attachments that have blinded and binded you to a life of inauthenticity.

She holds you in the deepest grace of unconditional love assisting you to trust and forgive, Liberating you into the radiance of release.

She is the magical muse that breathes the breath of inspiration back into your heart and lifts the heaviness of this world to reveal the magic. She assists you to fluidly and effortlessly create from your joy again.

She is the wild primal goddess who doesn’t give a shit what She looks like to other people and is roaring with her own raw shakti power, shaking it up and devouring the little petty doubts and insecurities that may have been haunting you

She listens beyond the veils into the silence to find the heart knowing beyond “right” and “wrong” and guides you deep into the limitless light of your wisdom

You are all this.

It is time to claim your wholeness, your aliveness and your full “yes” for life. To do so, you must step through the veil of shadow that you have worn.

The Goddess is not outside of you … you are HER


What is Embody HER?

Over 8 weeks, we will go through 6 initiation gateways which are the pillars for living a more mythic life.

This is a mystery school initiation, a wisdom lineage. Which means this is not a ‘course’ where you are taught intellectually how to Embody the Goddess. It is a Heroine’s Journey to uncover and reclaim the lost and forgotten parts of yourself and awaken the remembrance of who you truly are.

Discover, feel and transmute the deeply embedded shadows that hold us hostage, liberating our energy so we can move into a higher, and more magnetic frequency.

Imagine living a life…

  • Where you are free to live according to your own heart’s desires and inner guidance…
  • Where you feel the courage and boldness to be your own authentic self…
  • Where your creativity is expressed freely and abundantly
  • Where magic is your default… an everyday occurrence that you live and breathe in the mystery of the Goddess…
  • Where self love becomes a daily devotion and your body becomes a gateway to sensual delight…
  • Where deep peace and freedom from the past is an embodied experience…

All of this is available when we truly embody HER.

It’s time to truly Embody Her

She is awakening in us all, asking to be remembered, to be liberated and expressed.

Through this 8 week journey

We will take you to the inner threshold and you will have to open the doors…that’s the initiation.


This transformational journey includes:

A welcoming introductory live virtual temple for agreement setting and surrender practice, preparing you for the transformative deep work ahead

Access to our community portal for weekly embodiment practices to enhance your transformational journey

A wealth of supplemental archetypal recordings and songs, providing inspiration and deep insights

Regular personalized reminders, encouragement and supportive touch-ins from us to ensure you stay motivated and empowered

6 immersive, 2-hour “Archetypal Temple” initiation Zoom calls, designed to empower and elevate you with profound personal growth

Deepening materials for enriching reflection to propel your progress

The opportunity to join our intimate sister circle sharing group for tailored support and deeper connections

A safe and sacred sharing forum in the Living Temple Membership Portal for support and community connection between temples

We meet Thursdays at 12 noon PT beginning May 16th. Our meetings are about 2 hours. Replays are available.

The Pillars of a Mythic Life


Embody a deep self-love that isn’t conceptual but firmly rooted in your choices.


Embody an unshakeable confidence that asks for no validation, anchoring yourself in your worthiness to authentically own your choices and claim control of your life, safe from external factors or other’s judgement.


Embody your feminine essence with the liberating freedom of expressing your emotions, passions, desires and sexuality by embracing your untamed nature for pure empowerment and pleasure with wild shakti power at its core.


Embody your magnetism and effortlessly call in a joyful life, expanding mystical perception and co-creating with the Divine with the deep magic that comes from transitioning from a masculine, mental-based reality to a feminine heart coherence.


Embody an unparalleled sense of deep self-trust that pulls you to follow your innate knowing and inner wisdom as your north star.


Embody your authentic presence, anchoring profound tranquillity within through alignment with your truth, triggering your natural state of being and nurturing a sense of home

This is for you, sister, if you’re …

  • Teetering on the edge of a transformative threshold and are ready for a profound awakening that will propel you into the fullness of your life and being
  • Feeling stuck and stagnant, but find yourself uncertain about what needs to change, craving the clarity and the courage to step into the next chapter of your story
  • Aching to serve the world at a greater capacity by claiming your innate gifts and stepping more confidently into your work
  • Wanting to listen to your heart’s voice and give it rein to lead by accepting and welcoming your uninhibited and creative self
  • Tired of feeling limited and isolated and long to be held in a safe and loving container of like-minded women
  • Fed up with cultural expectations and desire to love and express yourself as you truly are
  • Seeking to anchor in and live from a deeply grounded and embodied wisdom
  • Ready to express the freedom of your voice and embrace your authentic soul

Stop waiting for permission or for the right time,

Step boldly and courageously into the life you want and what you are here to do

It’s time to be who you really are – empowered, embodied, shameless and free.

Here’s What Others Are Saying

“Eden Amadora lives in the sacred heart flame of the Divine Mother, offering the purity of Her unconditional Love and devotion as a holy blessing to this world. Whomever her lifestream touches is transformed in that Love.” 

Ariel Spilsbury- Founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School

The Commitment ….

The Devotion…


includes two 1:1 initiation meeting (valued at $1000)
Channeling Your Inner Goddess Activation Series (valued at $333)

EmbodyHER for just $997.00

Sign up by ….. To receive the early bird price $797.00 as our early bird special.

PLUS we’ll gift you with a BONUS: Channeling your inner Goddess Activation Series XXX

Connect With Your Spiritual Guides:

Meet Charlotte Sophia,

Charlotte has been an ordained priestess with the 13 Moon Mystery School for over 7 years and facilitates circles within this lineage. She holds certifications as a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

Offering personalized coaching sessions and transformative group experiences, Charlotte embodies both the roles of entrepreneur and spiritual guide. Skilfully integrating the masculine and feminine, Charlotte’s dedication to inner union and embodied wisdom informs her powerful initiatory spaces, rooted in unconditional love. She’ll empower you to embrace your highest truths and step into your full expression.

Say hello to Eden Amadora,

Your Awakening Mentor and Ecstatic Soul Embodiment Guide. As an ordained priestess and spiritual teacher, her greatest joy lies in supporting your awakening journey. She will take you on an ascension path that reconnects you to the sacred heart’s remembrance, allowing you to embody the beauty and power of your soul’s essence.

With unconditional love, she speaks truth and offers a compassionate mirror of presence to those committed to spiritual growth, ready to BREAK FREE from limiting conditioning. Eden transforms lives from inside out, empowering you to embody your true self and create a legacy of empowered love.

We’ll lead you to the gateway … you have the key… it’s inside of you!

Open the gateway and step into a future where you:

  • Follow your heart’s desires and let them take the lead, ushering in a life of fulfillment, abundance and joy
  • Feel called to embody your true spirit where authenticity and bold self-expression become intuitive
  • Revel in the celebration of your divine gifts as you confidently share your unique brilliance with the world
  • Trust the whispers of your inner wisdom letting your intuition light up the path to success and contentment
  • Serve the greater good with passion and mission as you realize your soul’s true purpose
  • Free the boundless creativity that flows through your being and express your incomparable talents in every undertaking
  • Stand firmly in your power, unapologetically making choices that honor your highest self and deepest desires
  • Embrace the enchantment of everyday life, where magic is not just a dream but a reality

As your guides, we are here to hold you, witness you, challenge you and speak truth to you with love as you step into your greater mythic story.


Live A Life You Love

©2024 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved

©2024 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved