Become A Magnetic Woman

 An Empowerment Series


Reclaim your magnetic superpower

reclaim your magnetic superpower

This 3 part activation series offers luscious guidance for you to come back into your receptive, magnetic and powerful nature as a woman. 

Have you been feeling shutdown, insecure, or less than radiant?

Many women claim that this modern world taxes their energy and makes it so challenging for them to feel like they are truly in their feminine magnetism. I’ve created this activation series to empower you to take back your core radiance, feminine essence and magnetic superpower.  

Your feminine magnetism begins within.

This is an empowerment that blesses your life and changes everything

Enter into these guided journeys to reclaim the power of your birthright of magnetism in a feminine body. You will receive practices that will expand your capacity to feel and respond to life, allowing you to active new channels of perceptions and raise your frequency.

This is the basic meaning of inner alchemy, it is the raising of your frequency. And when you raise your frequency you raise your love level and automatically become more radiant and magnetic to others.

Not only will your magnetism increase, but you will find the power of your own voice, bliss in the body, the ecstasy, joy and freedom of your empowered essence.

Originally $97


Your womb wisdom is your superpower

In this first activation, we learn how to awaken the sacral chakra, home to your intuition, belly wisdom and your deep trust to the divine within. Reclaim your aliveness, juiciness, feminine erotic power. 

Trust your own heart’s knowing

The second activation will lead you on a powerful reclamation journey to the center of your heart chakra. Clear the shields that have build up around your heart to allow yourself to feel again.  Discover the jewel in the center of the lotus of your sacred heart and raise your inner love level to become a love magnet to other beings and then find the courage to live wholeheartedly. 


Your Voice Matters

The third activation empowers you to claim your true voice. Here we work on raising the frequency of the throat chakra. When you are resonating in your true empowered frequency, you will be calling those who are meant to be in your field towards you. They will literally be magnetized by the way you communicate your heart’s knowing and truth. 



Originally $97

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These activations can be quite altering, please do not listen while you are driving.

©2024 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved

©2024 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved