Empowerment Series


Welcome home into THE beauty
of YOuR divine feminine essence.

Welcome home into the beauty of YOUR divine feminine essence.

This 3 part video series offers luscious guidance for you to come back into your receptive, magnetic and powerful nature as a woman. 

You will be invited to enter deeper into the mystery with me through guided inner journeys and deep listening practices. We will be working with three of your primary energy centers, opening up and activating their powerful properties through sound and embodiment practices.

Your body is a living temple…

Your feminine empowerment begins within…

Here we enact a sacred alchemy. An alchemy of remembrance. An alchemy that blesses your life and changes everything

Enter into these guided journeys to reclaim the power of your birthright in a feminine body. You will recieve practices that will expand your capacity to feel and respond to life, allowing you to active new channels of perceptions.

These practices range from inner yogas known as kriyas, pranayama, and sound to open you to the power of your own voice, supporting you to find bliss in the body, the ecstasy of full embodiment and the joy and freedom of your empowered essence.

These videos will assist you in finding the goddess within. In the divine feminine we awaken through our senses not in spite of them. This is the path of reclamation of the full sensual embodment of the goddess within.


Your womb wisdom is your superpower

The first video in the series activates and awakens your sacral chakra, home to your intuition, belly wisdom and your deep trust in the divine from within. Activate and awaken the waters of intuition and the sensual element of your feminine flow. Reclaim your trust and innocence. Reclaim your aliveness.

Trust your own heart’s knowing

The second video will lead you into a powerful reclamation journey to the center of the heart chakra. Clear the shields that have built up around your heart to allow yourself to feel again. Discover the jewel in the center of the lotus of your sacred heart and re-spark the fire of aliveness, passion and love in your life again. Find the courage to live wholeheartedly.

Your Voice Matters

The third video in this series will activate your true voice, the empowered frequency of the throat chakra. Freedom of expression, creativity and magic is yours. Opening and activating the throat chakra will support you in reclaiming the power of your true voice and express your embodied wisdom.


These videos can be quite altering, please do not listen to these videos while you are driving.