You are the… Harmonious Lover

Thank you so much for taking the Beloved Archetype Quiz. Based on your answers, you are the Harmonious Lover. Look for your detailed downloadable PDF handout in your inbox about your strengths and shadows and it includes a powerful transmission that will help you connect more with your beloved archetype.

Before you dive in, there’s a place I want to honor in you that is a unique fractal of the divine; you are a perfectly, imperfect expression of the divine embodied. You have gifts, challenges, and geniuses that are uniquely yours. The challenges are often the gifts, the rub that creates the pearl.

In the light of this deeper honoring, I’ve created something really wonderful to help you amplify your gifts and light qualities of your archetype and support you to transform your unconscious wound patterns to flourish more in love.

Special $13 Guided Meditation Offer

Here is a guided meditation to help you to learn how to heal the wounds of separation and come into the gifts of your archetype. Learn how to use your gifts for you so that your wounds do not work against you in love. 

You Are The Harmonious Lover Archetype

Being a Harmonious Lover means you are a being who is deeply grounded in your life as well as holding an expansive embrace for love when it’s healthy and resonant. You will communicate your truth in a responsive, heart-centered way and give others the benefit of the doubt. You long for harmony, connection, a natural flow that brings ease and grace into your life and all your relationships. Your superpower is your ability to bring your presence into relationships and create a coherent, safe space for others.

Your challenge may be in perceiving others to still be lost or caught up in dramas that you’d rather not bother with. You may tend to hold yourself separate to avoid those messy dynamics and suffer from loneliness.

Now that you have discovered your light qualities, here is a wonderful way to amplify them and discover more about them and to discover more about yourself through this archetypal lens. Celebrate your light qualities and bring your shadows into the light of your loving awareness, to integrate, to become more masterful at recognizing and seeing patterns that no longer serve you … while celebrating an inherent wholeness that is ALREADY there within you.

Next Steps For You:

Explore this powerful guided mediation and inner journey specifically for your beloved archetype to assist you in transmuting the wounds and shadows that may keep you from having successful, harmonious relationships.

Here is a list of some of the core wounds and shadow patterns that this guided journey will give you effective tools and techniques to transmute:

  • Over-responsibility
  • Fear of Change
  • Fear of isolation and disconnection
  • Feeling too different from others and for this world

Step into balance and let the light side of your archetype shine.

In this guided meditation, you will learn how to transmute your wounds and shadow qualities with a very specific guided journey based on the Mystery School teachings. Inside this safe and sacred space you will find the balance needed and to bring the shadows of your archetype and bring you into wholeness.

On this journey, you will be taken on a magical guided meditation into your own sacred heart temple to dissolve the wounds of separation and exalt your authentic essence even more.

After going through this journey, you’ll feel more of a connection to your essence and you will feel connected to source and others from a place of open, receptive magnetic power in a relaxed way that draws your desires and new opportunities to you.

You will also receive this BONUS GIFT when you come deeper on this journey with me.

Enjoy this special archetypal song to help you have a direct embodied feeling of your harmonious lover essence throughout your day, to exalt and celebrate your beloved archetype and for you to feel connected to your super powers.

Enjoy my song, The Garden that I wrote to celebrate the true medicine of the open heart. You’ll also be introduced to a deepening aspect of the Harmonious lover through the archetype of The Lady of Communion; who invites us to return to the garden to see that when we are in balance and harmony there is only love.

This archetypal song has been lovingly crafted to give you a deepening experience with the frequency of your beloved archetype. You can listen as a moving meditation practice to further deepen your connection with you’re unique essence.

You will also receive a catalyzing poem that speaks straight to the heart of your archetype

Enjoy a captivating transmission that allows you to embody your archetype in your heart. A deep soulful invitation from your beloved archetype also known as The Lady of Communion to bring embodied grace to earth through your being.

Hey there, my name is Eden, and I’m an ordained priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, an archetypal voice & embodiment coach. With over 20 years of shamanic and yogic training with a focus on sound and movement integration, my work is in service to those who are ready to embody their most essential, radiant selves and express their authentic voices. I help people break free of shadow patterns and conditioning that has kept them feeling small, stuck and unable to live into their greatest dreams and visions.

We are continuously evolving and unfolding. It is my intention to support beings to come into balance and wholeness. As you discover your core love style you will find that it helpfully illuminates some shadow patterns and challenges that you have been facing in your life.

So, beloved, I am inviting you to go on this journey as an act of self love and honoring to improve the quality of your relationships starting with yourself, source and other.

Welcome to the archetypal realm of the

Divine Feminine