Stay Sane and Serene this Holiday Season

$97 for three part live online video course 

Break free from old habitual patterns of reactivity and emotional triggers with family and loved ones as you find your spiritual core stability, staying “Sane and Serene” this holiday season. 

Join me in a 3 part live online class to learn practical spiritual tools to support you during the holidays.  

Find the key to feeling more stable and well resourced so that you can open and un-shield your heart to experience the love and connection that you desire this season. Each call will include time for Q&A and spiritual mentoring support. 

Many of us get excited about the holiday season, with all the cheer, spirit of magic in the air, delicious meals and celebration shared with our dear ones … and, this being said, we may also find this time of year very exhausting and challenging at times because of old family dynamics, projections, expectations or complicated unresolved emotional issues with loved ones. Some of us just hold our breath and feel like we are waiting for the season to pass.

Do you suffer from any of these patterns of reactivity, emotional triggers or uncomfortable feelings this time of year?

  • Feeling the need to perform, prove or put on a happy face
  • Emotional exhaustion 
  • Overwhelm and over-responsibility 
  • Judgment or defensiveness
  • Irritation and annoyance
  • Competition, comparison and “not-enoughness”
  • Loneliness, isolation and feelings of separation
  • Emotional overeating or alcohol consumption 
    Are you longing to feel:

    • A sense of calm and inner peace
    • Joy, gratitude
    • Connectedness with others
    • Love, harmony and open heartedness
    • Belonging and acceptance
    • Abundance 
    • Healthy balance  and Self honoring
    • Your boundaries intact and respected

    Together we will set a new, healthier, more emotionally serene template that will begin to ripple through your patterns in relationships.

    One of the primary focuses of this course is to bolster your spiritual core stability through the recognition and activation of healthy boundaries that work for you and how to apply them with loved ones who may have never respected your boundaries before. Learn powerful tools to establish them in a new and effective way.

    I look forward to sharing a powerful practice with you to discover the root cause of some of your most persistent core triggers and help you to recognize and unplug from the automatic reactivity of the repetitive “ouches”- in your relational dynamics. You will be guided to then find an effective “pattern interrupter” that will serve your highest well being- and allow for a more present and open hearted approach to the holiday season and far beyond. 

    This class is like plugging into a self-love, self- honoring, “spiritual battery recharger” of soul nourishing support, a place where you can be witnessed and received in your truth and vulnerability and receive the reflection that helps you to ground and remember who you truly are no matter the old familial stories and projections. 


    Embody more of the peace, that you know deep in your heart, you are destined to be in the world. 

     “I am devoted to the awakening of the compassionate heart of humanity as my own heart continues to take me on this wild and beautiful journey of awakening.”

    Eden Amadora 

    Shift from “knee-jerk”, painful reactivity to peaceful, empowered freedom. 

    Each of the three guided journeys will have a specific focus and benefit. I will lead a unique and supportive guided meditation during each call and offer potent, yet easy to apply, spiritual practices to support you on your path. 

    It’s highly recommended and most beneficial to participate in all of the calls. Replays available for all. If participating via the recordings, please listen to them in order for the greatest impact.

    Take the journey to change from within and witness your relationships change. 


    Recharge, Stabilize and Ground

    December 2nd @ 5pm PT

    Set a new, healthier, more emotionally serene template for the holidays and beyond. 

    Create New Patterns that Empower

    December 9th @ 11am PT

    Find tools to cool your usual “hot button” situations so that they don’t take over and sabotage the good cheer of the holidays this year. Bolster your healthy boundary practice call.


    Receive Soul Nourishing Support

    December 16th @ 2pm PT

    So that you experience feelings of joy, gratitude, presence and deeper connection with others this season.


    Only $97 for all 3

    My new found ability to hold my center and not collapse in the face of challenge has allowed me to step into my own power and essence - something I’d not been able to do before with any consistency.



    It is so beautiful and empowering to belong to this circle of love you created... and I know I can come back anytime to witness and be witness as we navigate bravely on our ascension path coming back home.

    Alicia Saa


    There were no half measures here. Eden goes the distance with you.

    She is deeply intuitive and fearlessly takes you to the heart of the work to be done. The gratitude I have for her and this work is immense. I cannot wait to do more!



    I’m far better able to hear and trust my heart knowing.

    And where I’ve felt the need to prove to you how “special” I am because of what I’ve done and who I know, I am now coming to know and embrace my true value as an inherently lovable being.



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