Into The Mystery Monthly Membership

Join me for a weekly meditation and empowerment session every Tuesday at 11am PT

An introduction into the 13 Moon Mystery School teachings

Into the Mystery is a monthly membership for men and women on a path of exploration of what it means to walk the Way of Love and bring balance and harmony back into our lives and our world.

Image of support in a lifestyle taught by live spiritual masterclasses series in Marin County, CA

Do you long for more support and guidance on your spiritual path to inner balance? 

Claim Your Spot in This Circle: 

  • If you long to feel connected to community, soul family, and heart centered tribe and be witnessed in an unconditionally loving and safe space

Join us for a one hour weekly call to deepen with the Divine Feminine Mysteries. You will recieve:

  •  A guided meditation journey
  •  Embodiment practices 
  •  Spiritual tools to support your life
  •  Witnessing and compassionate reflection
  •  Guidance and Mentoring
  •  Loving community support

Inside The Monthly Memebership

Each call will be held in a temple-like space online in the frequency of one of the archetypal Divine Feminine Goddesses. 

  • Tuesdays from 11am-12pm PT
  • Guided Meditation Journey
  • Embodiment tools and practices
  • Heart-centered community to share with