Step Into The Temple

Step Into The Temple

13 Moon Priestess Self Guided Journey

13 Moon Priestess Self Guided Journey

Explore, Embody, and Express your inner archetypal goddess with priestess Eden Amadora

In this 13 week self guided journey, you will be introduced to the 13 Archetypes of the Divine Feminine from Eden Amadora’s 13 Moon Mystery School Training. These goddess archetypes are rich and radiant energetic invitations for you to have a direct embodied experience with and to support you to live into the greater mythology of your life. We have been deprived of rich feminine images and stories that comprise what real feminine wisdom, presence and power can be. 

By welcoming these powerful Archetypes back into your daily life through ritual, ceremony, meditation, creative visualization and prayer, you will come to deeply know and adore the feminine aspect of the Divine and to invite the Goddess into your world as you open your heart and your life up to Her. This relationship will continue to deepen you and expand your heart as it also supports  you to remove the obstacles in the way of being an empty vessel of unconditional love and presence.

You will receive:

  • 13 transmissions from the goddess

  • Guided mediations

  • Deepening embodiment practices

  • Inquiry to journal on

  • Music to move to

  • Powerful archetypal imagery for you to have a direct experience with the embodiment of the Goddess.

You will be guided in a self study journey that you can deepen with for the rest of your life.

There is no limit to the beauty and power of the goddesses as they awaken in you.​

Awaken into the practice of sacred ritual and have a direct experience in your own environment of the sacred feminine revealing Her power, wisdom and grace.

As you deepen into this journey, you’ll begin to feel a remembrance of your own intuition, an opening for the Mystery to guide you, and a sense of connection on the etheric to the other beings doing this great work. You may also experience a connection to your other priestess lifetimes and lineages that are returning to support the Earth, the children, and the great shift to a more loving and harmonious time on this planet.

This is the calling for the Divine Feminine to rise and return into balance.

“Beyond unconditional love of self, the Goddess defines unconditional love like this: There is nothing you can do to make me love you and there is nothing you can do to make me not love you. I just love you. THAT is unconditional love.”

~Ariel Spilsbury

Sneak Peek at the first 3 Goddess Archetypes

Into The Arms Of The Great Mother

The Great Mother Archetype is the first Archetype of the Divine Feminine in the 13 Moon Mystery School. She is an incredible wellspring of nourishment for us to feel well resourced and stable within so that we return to wholeness, to rest and receive vibrational recalibration. The Great Mother’s embrace allows deep healing for our bodies and enables us to start resting at a level of more profound surrender. That’s why her power mantra is “I surrender, I receive.”

Bringing Heaven to Earth Through Our Embodied Compassion

The Goddess of Compassion is the second Archetype of the Divine Feminine in the 13 Moon Mystery School. Her primary gift, through our embodiment, is to clearly recognize reality in alignment with divine seeing so that we seed the divine mind on earth. It is through forgiveness and compassion that we bring the milk of human kindness, the tears of mercy, and the healing balm this world so desperately needs. That is why her power mantra is “I recognize, I seed”.


Bringing Peace and Equanimity to Earth through our Embodiment of the Divine Feminine

The Archetype of the Priestess is the third Archetype of the Divine Feminine in the 13 Moon Mystery School. As a priestess we offer our lives in devotion to becoming vessels of the goddess and holding a frequency of empty presence and unconditional love. When we are able to become still, quiet and empty, we are able to be fully present and become Her eyes, Her hands, Her voice. The power manta of the priestess is “I amplify in stillness. I transmit.”


©2024 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved

©2024 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved