Transmute Fear and Love Like A Lion


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This guided journey will serve you to ground, clear the channel and activate the creative life force within you as you expand your capacity to hold light. We will focus on clearing fear, worry, anxiety, doubt and mental static, opening up to greater Source connection, dissolving the barriers to Divine love and raising your unique essence vibration and light body frequency. 

I will also be teaching and leading three different powerful sound transmissions- sharing mantras and embodiment practices to connect to the Spiritual Sun, Awaken the Sun Heart within us as we transmute fear into a state of expansive peace for personal and collective awakening.

There will be time for you to share deeply and be witnessed and to receive embodiment tools, mentoring and guidance. You will receive a replay of the recording and be given some deepening practices to support you through this amazing time of collective awakening.


Stepping through the Lion’s Gate Portal

Sirius rises and bathes us in remembrance

We receive the blessings of the light

In the powerful simplicity of prayer and with our aligned intention it is done

Our heart petals unfurling, spiraling open, open, open

We rejoice the dawning of the second sun

The victorious, mythic transfiguration has begun

We unlock our tails… Breathing deeper now…The ancient primal instinct of fight and flight unwinds

There’s no more need to run or hide

We are here now

Singing Glory, Glory, Glory

To the One

Awakening Beauty

Simply being Love

Stepping through the Gate

Aligning our true heart’s knowing with our higher mind

Each soul star burning bright

A reflection of the infinite cosmic light

We are safe within the center of this sacred fire

Resourced with pure pleasure and delight, we relax back into the present moment inside

Aligning with our solar angel and the galactic sun

We lift our hearts towards the above

Receiving the ancient future language of Light, the codes of remembrance… Star seed resonance downloads

The transmission of Unconditional Love

Every cell, every molecule, every atom of our being resonates and receives

The high frequency DNA activation of our whole, holy Divine vibration

Our remembrance of who we truly are

Expanding reality radially

The center-point of an eternal star

Awakening together

I am

We are

Collective Avatar

~ Eden Amadora