Spring Equinox Live Spiritual Masterclass

March 20th at 11am PST

Join Me for the Spring Equinox Ritual Live Spiritual Masterclass  

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Spring Equinox Ritual – March 20th at 11am PST

This is a time of equal balance between day and night where we celebrate the bursting forth of new life! 
In this Masterclass you will be guided to recognize what is ready to be brought more into balance in your own life and activate the new seeds of your vision that you are now firmly planting into the year ahead for yourself and the collective. 
I will lovingly guide you to feel the expanded, transcendent energy of rebirth and renewal of this powerful time and to allow the blossoming of your heart chakra petals to open wide in our collective meditation.
I will still allow time for your personal shares and witnessing as well as offer divination to allow the wisdom of the Divine Feminine Oracle to bless our gathering.
It is an optimal time to gather together as a community to raise our vibration, our love level, and the collective frequency once again.  

An introduction into the 13 Moon Mystery School teachings

Where light and shadow, divine and primal, and masculine and feminine energies come into union

Image of support in a lifestyle taught by live spiritual masterclasses series in Marin County, CA

Do you long for more support and guidance on your spiritual path to inner balance? 

Claim Your Spot in This Circle: 

  • If you long to feel connected to community, soul family, and heart centered tribe and be witnessed in an unconditionally loving and safe space.

  • If you are drawn to reconnect to elemental wisdom and the scared rites of honoring ancient Mystery School practices.

  • If you long for more support and guidance to remember the old ways and rituals that honor earth and elemental magic.

  • If you want to have a direct embodied experience in raising your frequency and becoming an empowered and magnetic part of a community that together creates a more loving world.

  • If you have been longing for more sacred ceremony in your life.

I welcome you to this ceremony to step through the portal to wholeness, union and freedom.

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Are you struggling to find inner balance between the spiritual world and material world we are living in?

Receive a direct experience of personal peace and empowered presence during this master class. You will learn tools and embodiment practices to find inner balance. As you are held in a loving, high frequency container.

You will be guided in a powerful meditation practice to support you to become aligned and empowered in your wholeness, clarity, and mastery.

We gather on all the major ancient holidays connected to the cycles of the sun and earth. These masterclass calls assist us to enter into the mystery even more powerfully because they are aligning with collective events that has been celebrated for millennia.  

Come deepen your awareness of ancient rites, elemental magic, and divine feminine mystery school secrets as you are given a direct embodied experience of your luminous center where you are empowered and free. 

This is a powerfully creative and liberated way to move through the world.

I’m Eden!

    I am a speaker, coach, mentor and spiritual guide devoted to supporting you in remembering the truth of how powerful, beautiful and divine you are and assisting you in stepping into your empowered, intuitive and sovereign self-expression

    My work is focused on helping you to fully embody and bring forward the love and the unique gifts that reside inside of you, so that you begin to move through this world from a place of balanced wholeness, confidently trusting your own innate wisdom and rising into your soul aligned purpose.

    I believe there is great power in gathering together in conscious circles of high vibrational intention. In doing so we catalyze, empower, inspire and uplift one another, and help each other heal. 

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    Save the Dates

    Join with other open hearted community to receive a direct embodied experience of Mystery School work in a temple-like container. Each masterclass falls on a potent astrological and seasonal event where the energies are aligned for our most optimal spiritual growth.

    Spring Equinox Ritual – March 20th

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    ©2023 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved

    ©2023 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved