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Course to Meet the 13 Moon Goddesses

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Are you feeling the Goddess calling you? Are you hearing the Mythic Call?

The Divine Feminine is sending out a clarion call, one that means to Awaken and Unite

fiercely loving women who are ready to step into their Vibrational Leadership. 

Beloved, you are being invited to meet the 13 Moon Archetypes.

This free Divine Feminine mini-immersion course connects you to the beauty and Power of the Goddess

Each archetypal face of the Goddess will lead you through Gateways of their Temples

to Awaken your Remembrance of your direct connection to the Divine Feminine. 

Embrace a holy descent into the unintegrated aspects of the Feminine 

so that you may touch your shadow with love and compassion

to transmute it consciously and Rise in the Ecstatic Radiance of your Holy Light.


Discover the gifts of transformation through archetypal embodiment. 

Image of support in a lifestyle taught by live spiritual masterclasses series in Marin County, CA

Transmute the shadows of:

  • Self-doubt
  • Lack of trust 
  • Low Self Worth
  • Avoidance
  • Feeling disconnected from the Divine

Emerge ignited in your:

  • Confident, radiant self
  • Open-hearted essence
  • Fully resourced focus, ready to step onto your sacred path
  • Embodied connection to the Divine Feminine and aware of how She flows through you

Step onto the pathway of the ignited feminine, awaken and embody the way the Goddess moves through you. 

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This is a special journey of Inner Alchemy.

Here we are able to reconnect with the Sacred Feminine
and bring back the Wisdom of Powerful Goddess Archetypes.

This balance has long been missing from modern society.

Through this mini-immersion series you will be guided through the Archetypal Realms
of the 13 Moon Mystery School Lineage, founded by Ariel Spilsbury, to embody your inner Goddess.

Greetings! I’m Eden.

    I am an ordained 13 Moon Priestess, speaker, coach, mentor and spiritual guide devoted to supporting you in remembering the truth of how powerful, beautiful and divine you are and assisting you in stepping into your empowered, intuitive and sovereign self-expression.

    My work is focused on helping you to fully embody and bring forward the love and the unique gifts that reside inside of you, so that you begin to move through this world from a place of balanced wholeness, confidently trusting your own innate wisdom and rising into your soul aligned purpose.

    I believe there is great power in working with Divine Feminine Archetypes. After more than 13 Years of initiation in a Divine Feminine Mystery School, I am devoted to supporting others in embodying the frequencies of the Goddess. In doing so, we catalyze, empower, inspire and uplift one another, and help each other heal. 

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    Step Into The Mystery With Me

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    ©2023 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved

    ©2023 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved