Ground & Manifest



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Let’s harness the light frequencies of this astrological portal to active our inner Jupiter codes. The Sagittarius energy is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, good fortune, expansion and exploration.

I am the temple keeper of the Goddess of Love in the 13 Moon Mystery school. This energy is a place that I naturally express and love to share with others.

Come be embraced in the softness, sweetness, and uplifting vibration of this divine feminine temple.

On this free call, you will receive:

  • A guided inner journey and meditation to uplift your love level, raise your vibration, open your heart
  • Embodiment practices to soften the shields or barriers between you and self love and love of others that prevent you from seeing through eyes of beauty and unconditional love in others
  • A powerful visualization practice to call in consciously your hearts desires over the next 6 months to a year around love, health and abundance. 
  • An opportunity Connect in loving community to share your heart
  • A Q&A at the end of this call with me to ask questions to help you deepen into the heart of true love

Save the date (December 3rd at 2pm Pacific) and look for an email in your inbox with the Zoom link.