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Dive into the Mystery

Enter the Temple – Self Study Course

Become A Magnetic Woman

Welcome Beloved

I’ve created these self study courses for you to step into the Mystery School training at your own pace. These courses offer you priestess skills and tools, embodiment practices, and wisdom teachings of the divine feminine.

Become A Magnetic Woman

You will receive:

  • Three guided video journeys to reclaim the power of your birthright of magnetism in a feminine body.

  • A direct embodied experience of feminine alchemy empowerment that transforms your life from the inside out.

  • Practices that will expand your capacity to feel and respond to life, allowing you to active new channels of perceptions and raise your frequency.

    Not only will your magnetism increase, but you will find the power of your own voice, bliss in the body, the ecstasy, joy and freedom of your empowered essence.

Channeling Your Inner Goddess

You will receive:

  • 13 beautiful interactive Goddess Embodiment Activation videos filled with tools and practices for you to have a direct experience with channeling the archetypes of the Goddess.

  • Alchemical teachings to invite these goddesses into your heart and life
  • Gentle, deeply feminine, flow yoga channeling the energies and frequencies of the divine feminine archetypes.

  • Sound transmissions, activating visual tools, sacred geometry, mudras, mantras.

    Awaken into the larger “mythic story” of your wholeness and freedom through these divine feminine practices.

Sun Heart – Honoring Sacred Polarities

Through this sacred portal, you will:

Heal the Wounds of Separation, Transform your Relationships

    • Balance your masculine and feminine energies
    • Transmute unworthiness and shame 
    • Release fear programing and collective conditioning that no longer serves you
    • Bring forgotten parts of you home like joy, innocence, ecstacy
    • Reclaim your spark, confidence, and embodied radiance 

    • Feel a return of vitality, creativity, and freedom

©2023 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved

©2023 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved