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“Without a doubt one of my favorite speakers is Eden Amadora. I think of her as love personified. About two months ago I was listening to one of her shows and I had a transformational experience…and moved into a state of bliss that has been continuing since then. I am not actively blissful everyday, but my whole set point has been raised, so that even rougher days are still pretty amazing.”

           – Allison in Nairobi a Humanitarian worker

I am thrilled to announce that my Lead with Love video podcast is coming! May 1st is our first episode’s release date.

I’m so excited for this opportunity to share heart opening, inspirational and illuminating conversations with leaders who are working to uplift their communities and the collective at this incredible time of transition.

I am committed to come together with other luminaries to lift the lamp and lift some veils, to have very real, raw, deep and meaningful conversations that catalyze and awaken us.

Lead with Love will showcase visionary men and women who are making a difference in areas of spirituality, health, business, science, technology that truly serves humanity and community building as well as the boots on the ground people that are doing amazing things that might just crack your heart open.

The common denominator is that the people I am looking forward to sharing with you are all leading their lives with love, service and compassion at the helm.


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May the Lead with Love podcast serve as a beacon of inspiration and hope to support us as we move more firmly into the age of Aquarius and go through the personal and collective alchemy required to embody and become a new civilization based in interconnectivity and universal love.
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Let’s stay connected with our hearts lit bright in a greater expansive vision for the whole as we lead the way with love. 

©2023 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved

©2023 Eden Amadora | All Rights Reserved