You are the… The Primal Goddess

You chose the Primal Goddess as your primary Goddess Archetype. This means that you resonate with her qualities and that you already embody her frequency though you might not realize it. There are many gifts this archetypal energy brings into your life as you more fully embody Her. However, if you are out of balance, there are also shadow patterns that play out when this is your primary archetype. 

Let’s Break it Down…

Your gifts:

  • Instinctual
  • Free
  • Wild
  • Passionate
  • Sexual Initiatrix
  • Ecstatic Priestess
  • Vitality
  • Kundalini Power
  • Ability to set appropriate boundaries


  • Survival Issues
  • Compromise of the essential self
  • Seduction for control
  • Rebelliousness with Authority
  • Sexual manipulation
  • Lack of discipline
  • Unresolved shame and guilt

    Welcome to the path of Inner Alchemy, you are not bound by these shadows. Miracles of transformation are possible when you embody the Goddess Archetypes.

    If you are experiencing any of these shadow of the Primal Goddess and desire practical, spiritual tools, and embodiment practices to amplify your light qualities and transmute those shadows that are keeping you from fully embodying the passionate and free Goddess you are, then I invite you to dive deeper with this short video course of powerful guidance I created for you to embody your specific goddess archetype. 

    Inside This Short Video Course

    You will be guided in a self study journey with The Primal Goddess Archetype of the Divine Feminine in the 13 Moon Mystery School.

    There is no limit to the beauty and power of the goddesses as they awaken in you.​

    Awaken into the practice of sacred ritual and have a direct experience in your own environment of the sacred feminine revealing Her power, wisdom and grace.

    I am Eden Amadora, as an ordained priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, I hold a specialty in embodiment practices that I have cultivated in my many years of Mystery School teaching combined with my yogic, shamanic, and sound healing background. 

    This powerful video mini course is filled with tools and practices for you to have a direct experience with the embodiment of your Archetypal Goddess. I will guide you with sound transmissions, mudras, mantras, and the gentle, deeply feminine, a yoga flow for all levels that assists you in embodying these divine feminine archetypes. 

    For only $13 Explore how She can come alive in your daily life through this short video course I created.​ 

    Welcome to the archetypal realm of the

    Divine Feminine