Sacred Rage

By: Eden Amadora

We are all being invited into an upleveling of our reality movie, a dimensional jump in our inner space ships so to speak.

The fuel required to take this leap is FAITH and the willingness to mine the dark and touch something I’ll call SACRED RAGE.

Sacred Rage to me is the life force energy tapped into and returned to us through our willingness to own and feel all parts within the self. It is the fire of Shakti burning through all samskaras or karmic, unconscious imprints within our chakras from this life, our lineage and all our lives accumulatively.

Light workers, lamp lifters, change agents, new paradigm leaders… do not drink the cool-aid.

Stay awake!

No one else is responsible for the quality of your experience. You are being asked to write a new mythic story about the transmutation of blame and the liberation of your full empowerment and beauty.

There are two prevalent interlocking patterns deeply embedded into collective consciousness- the dampening down of the voice and spirit in collapse, fear and despair and the raging in exhausted frustration against the “machine” of maya and worldly illusion- that simply amplifies and strengthens it and keeps us trapped in the projected fear pictures in our minds.

Simulations of the matrix.

These two patterns are the shadow feminine(collapse) and shadow masculine(attack) that are rampantly at play in the world.

Hold steady. Hold center. Hold frequency. Heart centered awareness is not reactive.

We are living in such a dramatic time in the collective reality movie where the apparent divide, separation and “othering” pattern is exponentially amplified through media and social media. We are all tuned in to the storyline of the movie and waiting for the next episode with baited breath… it feels so real.

We hold the breath, tuck the tail and are frozen, mesmerized by the shadow puppets on the screen and the old myth of victims, perpetrators and rescuers.

How do we awaken from the collective dream spell…?

How do we rise higher than the sticky tar like, sub-optimal, dense frequencies of fear, sorrow, regret, judgement and anger?

How do we connect to, unleash and utilize a higher frequency of “Sacred Rage” to become the antidote to the sickness, the sleep and forgetting that creates the nightmare of separation consciousness?

We are being asked to be in the world but not of it by stepping fully through our own shadows of separation consciousness through the portal of surrender to awaken the innocent heart.

We must become vulneRAGEous… the intersection of the Divine Child and the Warrior of Light. This is where innocence and passion intertwine.

The winged feathered serpent breathes this sacred fire up the spine… as we come home to ourselves again- alive, purified and aligned.

This is about kundalini rising. This is the leap required for the evolution of our species.

This is where homosapiens become homo-luminous. Where enlightenment is no longer a fantasy about rising up and out of ourselves in an “all light and love” bypassed ascension process, but rather a commitment to our intentional and very personal descent as alchemists. Here we find intimacy with all aspects of ourselves. Here we bring our light into the shadow and our shadows into the light.

This Sacred Rage required is the passion- the life force energy needed to fuel the journey. it is about bringing the light of our fierce self love, the catalytic fire of our sacred hearts into the darkest part of ourselves through our willingness to fully be here now and feel.

In our surrender into the discomfort required for full embodiment we become the bodhisattvas of this world.

In our willingness to be the alchemical crucible and burn through the dross of our own unintegrated shadow material, we become the the shamans of our age by our embodied presence. Here we return to a position in consciousness we call the neutral witness through the raising of our own frequency – here we are empowered and we set ourselves free from the collective dream spell.

Now we are responding with heart centered present moment awareness not re-acting the same looping script playing out in the collective through us anymore.

Then we really start to be of true service to the collective shift and Gaia’s awakening.

How do we keep our hearts open or reopen them if they have been “broken” or feel shielded…?

This is a radical conversation. This is about taking radical responsibility for our own experience. This is about honoring soul contracts and making soul completions, or taking back soul fragments in the hall of mirrors.

There are no others. We get to be everyone eventually. We will never be free until we learn to have compassion for the transgressor and the transgresse.

Rage is not usually associated with the frequency of Quan Yin. It is associated with the Goddess Kali. I now know Kali to be the Mother of Compassion and these two Goddesses ride side by side within my heart. One holding the cool, crystalline clarity of the Violet Ray, the other a flaming “fucking” bullwhip of fierce boundaries and a primal scream of “ENOUGH!” to obliterate the illusions within my own mental body.

We must be willing to feel our Sacred Rage- the rage of the heart or cou-rage needed like Durga’s vehicle, the mighty lion.

This being said, we do not rage against the shadow puppets, the dysfunctional system or the apparent perpetrators “out there”. We rage into and burn through the ego attachments and illusions that keep our hearts shut down and keep us separate.

We rage into the illusion within that would keep us believing we are powerless, stuck, voiceless, small.

We rage into the illusion within that would have us believe that any one outside of us could ever really “take” our power away.

We rage into the illusions within that would make us apathetic, numb or use addictions to avoid feeling.

We rage into the illusions of separation, the splits and schisms within our own being that appear to veil our wholeness.

This is the path of the “Holy Rebel” to me- dismantling the old programs within, upgrading the operating system.

So, how do we rage into something instead of against it?

We OWN it and EMBRACE it. We merge with it and dissolve it in the fire of Unity consciousness within.

We no longer rage against anything. We do not add our voice to the cacophonous chorus.

We do not add gasoline into the loud machine.

We fiercely devour the illusion of our own victimization into the fiery crucible of our sacred hearts flames.

We decide to be that powerful.

When the fire of our passion is intentionally focused on what we wish to alchemize from within – we find the darkest perpetrators within our own psyche and LOVE them.

We dissolve the Victim/ Perpetrator/ Rescuer drama within. We are no longer willing to play any of these parts in our own story.

We transmute the illusions of separation and polarity/duality consciousness.

We activate the sword of clarity, alignment and discernment and catalyze the sacred witness- that acts in the moment accordingly, responding as LOVE.

We keep the chalice of our hearts open to connection, vulnerability and above all compassion for all appearances.

We rest in balance in the inner marriage of our Divine Masculine and Feminine essence as the child… the holy humble innocent.

We amplify and transmit from the clear equanimous waters of stillness.

Our vessels lit in holy mother and father’s name.

Sacred Rage is what is needed to cook the veils away.

Sacred Rage is the burning away of impurities, preparing for the fusion of all apparent opposites, dissolving separation of heart and mind and all polarity positions on the hologram.

Sacred Rage is the fire that burns off the dross of reactions, distortions and contractions revealing refined essence…

Seeing beyond black and white through the gold ouroboros of limitless light.

Sacred Rage is the The Divine fire providing the catalytic conversion for any remaining crystallizations of lower mind to be subsumed into joy.

We create a new dream, a new mythology through our frequency as love.

We embody love.

Love, Joy and Gratitude being the highest most rarefied frequencies… spinning the blood… awakening the DNA.

Sacred Rage is the Sun bursting from within – distilling the final gold of consciousness through the filter of shadow… completing the great work.

We embody the winged sandals of fluidity, the helmet of transparency and the caduceus of adaptability to travel between the realms as a messenger.

Sacred Rage is the Divine Fire that purifies the vehicle to simply house more love.

May holy innocence and true love guide us no matter what the appearances in the hall of mirrors.

May we remember who we really are and step into the frequency of collective AVATAR.