“Each of you is a star. 

I am above you. 

I am below you. 

I am the Goddess within you. 

Receive me. 

My ecstasy is your ecstasy. My joy is your joy.

I have come to gather you into my fold, 

for you have come to bring the glory of the stars into the hearts of all beings. 

For I have been divided for the sake of ultimate reunion.

 And the sign of my victory on this plane shall be ecstasy. 

Feel your wings.

 Arouse the coiled splendor within you. 

Come home unto me. 

Come home to the Goddess within you.” 

Inscription on an Egyptian temple wall 



I am excited to be here with you and you embark on this journey of reclaiming the immensity of the love you already are! It is thrilling and tantalizing; I feel shivers of anticipation moving up my arms and spine just feeling your presence here. 

I believe in redefining love and fully understanding that it is already within your sensitive soul.  

I believe it’s time to know yourself as the Beloved and return to your garden of love so you can be who you came here to really be—an ecstatic, free, wild-hearted mystical lover in love with yourself and all of life…




This magical area is filled with free resources for you to start the journey of awakening your love … and we also get to become a little more intimate with one another, too.

It isn’t a linear journey … it’s about expanding within and being in the fullness of who you are, so you can create the life of your dreams and show up in all of your love. 

Are you ready to love yourself awake and begin meeting yourself with the compassionate eyes of the Beloved? 




  • Live Embodied Love—a FB sanctuary community of sensitive, heart-awakened visionaries
    • Awaken Your Embodied Love—meditation journey 
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Single 1:1 Sessions


If you’re ready to see the joy that is possible in your life when you activate and connect with your inner Beloved, then I’d love to spend intimate, 1:1 time with you. 

I will guide you, through compassionate eyes of love, back to your powerful, true self. 


Group programs & 1:1  mentoring options to fall in love with yourself and recognize yourself as the beloved  


Let’s go a little deeper into the mystery of embodying your Inner Beloved in your daily life. This is a place if you’re willing to discover personal tools and receive continued support in either a community of like-hearted, sensitive, visionary mystics—or being held with fierce grace, over a period of time, with me as you guide. 



1:1 mentorship & in-person circles to become an Embodied, Ecstatic Leader of Love—the deepest dive into the Ecstatic Mystery with Eden 


You’ve awakened, activated, and embodied True Love. 

You recognize yourself as an ecstatic mystic here to expand the collective field of unconditional love on the planet. 

You know you’re an emissary of love; a cosmic light-field of explosive stars to illuminate the earth and express Heaven on Earth. 

Together, we will work intensely in joy so you can lead in your sacred work as an ecstatic embodiment of love.