A series of 1.5 hour group Zoom calls with the focus on clearing fear and embracing ourselves in love,
raising our love frequency with Q&A for community support

Clear the Static – July 24th @ 5pm PT

Expand and Embody – Aug.22nd @ 11am PT

Dream Awake – Sept. 10th @ 10am PT

$33 per call

Become a transmitter of light – a lucid thread in the collective dream. This offering is a series of 1.5 hour group Zoom calls with a focus on clearing the “static”, the small stories of fear, worry, anxiety and doubt to allow you to open up to greater Source connection. Together we will dissolve the barriers to Divine love to raise your love level and light body frequency. Each call will include time for Q&A and community support. 

Each journey has a specific intentional focus and benefit. I will lead a unique and deeply alchemical inner guided meditation and offer potent embodiment practices to support you on your soul path. It’s highly recommended to participate in all of the calls, though not required. Replays available for all. If participating via the recordings, please listen to them in order for the greatest impact.

We are not meant to do this great work alone. There is a power to these journeys as we come together in light council. This is a great addition and catalyzer for deepening in your own spiritual practice. All levels of meditators and light workers may participate.


One of the intentions behind my choice to offer these meditations is the collective amplification of Golden Light frequencies on Earth at this time. Join me to light up the grid and clear the way for the age of the heart and the triumph of Love!

Clear the Static 

July 24th @ 5pm PT

Clear the static! The power of grounding and opening the channel to receive the light. 


Expand and Embody

Aug. 22nd @ 11am PT

Expand and have a direct embodied experience of raising your capacity to hold light. 



Dream Awake

Sept. 10th @ 10am PT

Become a lucid thread in the collective dream. Dream Awake with me. Potentize your creative manifestation channel.