Ignite the Full Radiance of your Creative Power.
Together We Rise & Shine. 

In-Person Retreat—By Application & Interview Only

Join us May 7–10, 2020 in Northern California. You’ll remember who you are, the power you are, the love you are.

The Sun Heart Soul Star Awakening Retreat is for beings who have been on a path of spiritual initiation and have come to a place in their soul growth and personal development where they are ready to be held in the deepening rite of the Inner Marriage. This ceremonial container is created to support your spiritual sovereignty and empowerment as the Divine light of your essence comes home to fully anchor within the sacred temple of your body. To enact this Inner Marriage rite is to meet the Beloved within and step firmly on the path of the true journey of wholeness and balance, harmony and union.

Come join us in this potent ceremonial container with alchemical ritual, sacred embodiment practices and deep heart sharing as an incubator for your soul gifts and soul aligned purpose. You are not meant to do this sacred work alone. 

Retreat Details

3 day, in-person circle 

May 7–10, 2020

Bay Area California


$1,333 (usually priced at: $1,999)
$333 (refundable) deposit due at the time of application.

Includes 1 nourishing, healthy catered meal a day. Travel and accommodation not included.


  • Full one-time payment of $1,333 
  • Two monthly payments of $667 
  • Three monthly payments of $447 

This is by application and interview only. First you will make your deposit, then you will be given a link to the online application form and lastly provided a link to schedule your free 1/2 hour call with me.

"Eden embodies a rare and powerful unconditional love"

Eden embodies a rare and powerful unconditional love, which alone is transformative. Afterward I felt a deeper connection to my self love, and saw immediate results in areas I had been drastically blocked around prior. I feel everyone could benefit from this medicine. Thank you Eden for your love, your purity and your mastery.

~ Naia Leigh 


"I feel my shimmering light body... "

In the alchemy of our container, you opened in me a surrender to receiving love, and for at least a moment, resting without all the stories of being unworthy, unloveable~ something that is hugely vulnerable and, in many ways, unfamiliar. As I feel into the frequency of that experience, I am washed with it anew, feeling it throughout and beyond my physical form, and I feel my shimmering light body… the darkness is not merely washed away, it is more the light body, the true self, remembered, and the darkness just doesn’t exist.

~ Ocean

"I felt my truest, most divine, most pure Essence Self flowing through me"

Holy shit, it felt amazing! In short, I feel I’ve left a different person. A more ME person. And I can’t wait to dive in with Eden for more.   

~ Heather Allison